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Ingvill Gaarder is a Visual Artist who studied Fine Art, painting, media fine art and photography at Kunstskolen i Bergen (Norway), University of Houston (USA) and Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London (UK) achieving a Bachelor and a Master's degree. She is based in the west of Norway in Tau outside the city of Stavanger. Her work has been exhibited by various galleries in Norway and overseas in the UK, Iceland, Germany, France and the US.


During the process of painting I attempt to document physical and psychological presence, investigating and experimenting with the communicative function of colour and form and exploring how these interact. They are a combination of chance and deliberation, which create gateways into suggesting both a physical and emotional energy in the course of making the work. 


The starting point of each painting is inspired from a form of narrative, which informs the course of the work. I believe that visual language has a potent power, like music or literature and it has the ability to communicate and transform.

Utilizing a conceptual dialect of mark making that is both individual and general, I look at my work and process as a personal expression of the unconscious, dreams and the immediate emotional.

Using painting techniques I may experiment with attempting to create glimpses of spaces and things half shown, suggested texture, forms and lighting, transforming and creating an ambiguous space. The image is then “found” when it appears to have a balance.

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